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What are the reasons for bad performance on UV printer?

What are the reasons for bad performance on UV printer? This is a common problem for all the users, below are some introduction from XENONS:

1.Resolution For monochrome laser printer, resolution could be essential for the output quality, but for multi-color printer, the color level is important as well as resolution.
2. Color level An output image is consisted by many drops(or pixel), each point presents different color and brightness which mixed up into an image.
3.Ink There are two types of ink, dye and pigment. Comparing to pigment ink, the dye ink have better saturation, but with worse water resistance. The ink for inkjet printer must have enough surface tension to prevent the ink from sputtering when jetting. Also the ink must be quick-drying to avoid it fainting on the media.
4.Print head. Ink drops are jetted by nozzles, normally, nozzles are made on the print head. The technology of print head itself is very important, also the precision on the related driving gears and transmit belt are highly required.
5.Media All the printing products are tightly attached to its media. It is like we go to a photo studio to wash the photo. We can get different effects on different types of photo paper. For inkjet printer, as the media varies, the adhesion of the inks are also different, and of course, the output is different too.

In order to let the products satisfy industrial production,
XENONS Tech made innovations and improvements on the core technologies and the products. This is why the UV printers from XENONS Tech be popular on the market.
1. Breakthrough on core technologies such as hardware process and data transmit. The image process system developed all by
XENONS can realize 300MB/s of data transmit. This makes long term of grey-scale printing possible.
2. Self-innovation ability makes the products lead the industry. Now, 
XENONS has developed its own negative pressure ink supply system, degassing system, color improve and deviation correcting technology and all kinds of printing modes, making XENONS products even better.
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